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Shela Pitch partners with professional accelerators to scout the best investment opportunities around the world. A Shela Pitch profile helps you manage multiple deal flows in one place, promote your interest or fund and increase your credibility with a promotional video on your profile page. Free sign up.

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You are at a very important stage of your start-up an you need capital to accellerate your growth. The most common funders for pre-seed ideas are actually founders themselves, along with family, friends and supporters. If you are ready to present your idea then sign up. You may wish to get guidance from Shela Pitch Professionals before applying to investor posts.

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    Investors view your pitch

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    Get connected & funded

    Connect with & message interested investors.
    We have 200k+ active investors globally.

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Startups registered on Shela pitch get £200 credit to post vacancies on Shela App and makes hires or find co-founders

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Live Virtual Pitch Rooms

Founders are referred by professionals and pitch live
to Investors from around the world

Must have successful case studies
Get paid when your referrals are successful
  • Startups must be referred
  • Small fee to book pitch rooms
  • 1 startup & up to 4 investors
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  • Other investors can attend
10 min
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